Oriflame Nigeria registration

Hi people
This is a direct link to oriflame Nigeria registration page
register oriflame sponsor number 325 .
You will need

Id card number… passport, national id card, drivers licence
Date of birth
Sponsor number 325.

You will not be charged for registering until you log in and place an order.
If you are in lagos you can physically go to their office after registration to pay and shop.
There is no minimum purchase required.
You buy whatever you want.

Your registration fee is charged to your account when you purchase.
You can also pay with a pos at ikeja.
For product codes and catalogue to know what they are please check catalgoue online.
Same page on the home page for the site.

After registration you activate your account from the email you are sent.
You can log in with your email and the password you chose.
Click on any of the tabs skincare,haircare,perfumes etc
Shop by adding to your basket.
Your registration fee of 1200 will be added to your basket.
You can check out afterwards.

Payment should be made either by direct transfer or by cash deposit.
They do not yet have a payment gateway.
Orders are picked up after 24hours at 43a Adeniyi Jones ikeja.
If you need help, let me know.
If you register under me please send me an email so I will know and guide you appropriately …

For tips and the success plan, I need to chat and explain to you how to make money with oriflame.
You should send me mail.
My email is all over this blog but
Do it right.


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