Skinplus calabar is open

Yes. We are open Nosam medical laboratory house Beside anchor point Parliamentary extension road. If you know brook church, this place is on your left as you head to brook church in the new parliamentary layout. It's a bit off the city centre but we are sure you will find time to visit us. One… Continue reading Skinplus calabar is open

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chandrea Lifestyle calabar – buttermilk soap review

Sodium palmate Sodium cocoate Glycerin Titanium dioxide Parfum ( eugenol, coumarin limalool alpha methly ionone ) 98% organic Chandrea is a lifestyle brand. Based in calabar as all I know for now. I say brand because they have a wide array of own products .. Bath soaps, fizzes , fragrance oils, house sprays,lotions too. I… Continue reading chandrea Lifestyle calabar – buttermilk soap review