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How to return stuff to asos from Nigeria.

I know how much we all love asos.
Sometimes however something may go wrong and you get an order in a bit of a mix up.
Wrong size, dress isn’t as Glam as you wanted, wrong item all together.
It’s not true that there is no way to return and that asos won’t pay for returns.
It is clearly stated on their site that returns are free.
These days they are more likely to ask you to keep the item if the cost of return may be far more than the item itself.
This is not to say you should make it a habit.
Some sites take these claims seriously and investigate.

Here are a few steps to getting your item sent back and  processing your refund.

1. Try to open items as soon as you pick them up.
2. Do have your account page bookmarked and handy so you can compare with your order online,  the order note that comes in your parcel is usually a print out of your order from the site.
3. Check everything carefully.
4. If you have some missing or incorrect item, it is best to leave your order at the post office if they will keep for you and tell them you will be sending it back immediately. asos customer care on twitter they reply  very fast.. asos here to help link
6. Report to them and they will usually say what they would rather you do.
7. If they ask you to send it back, use normal postage at nipost.
8. It costs  minimum of about  3,500 to 4,000 to send a parcel back to asos and it is usually tracked delivery.
9. Use the returns sticker that comes with every order for the right address  to send it to.
10. Scan a copy of the nipost receipt and send it to asos customer care. They will have an Email sent to you for that.
11. Your refund usually credits when the item arrives and that’s about two weeks.

You can use fedex ups but I don’t think asos will pay for that unless they sent you a wildly expensive item by mistake. Hahaha.

As for orders, whenever you place a first order on asos it may take a bit of time to get to you.
Patience is key. Try not to raise false alarms and trigger replacements or refunds and then your order arrives.
Check your post office, you’ll be surprised  the amount of pending orders sitting on their shelves.
I hope this helps.

Love and shopping


5 thoughts on “How to return stuff to asos from Nigeria.”

  1. Hello! This is totally unrelated but dunnow where else to ask! Do you know any health/fitness stores in Calabar or anywhere I can buy protein shakes???


    1. Hi babes, I don’t know of any such store. Been on the lookout for one. I do however stock a small selection of weight loss aid vitamins -green tea ,hoodia and raspberry ketones. Protein shakes are available from forever living your best bet in the vicinity. They also have a number of vitamin aids too. If you want quinoa and other stuff you probably have to try fighealthstores iN lagos if they will ship down here .. I’m shipping soon so if u want something besides these, drop me an email.


  2. This is very useful info. Being on the small side, sometimes even the smallest sizes I purchase end up being baggy on me!


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