Alpha H micro cleanse mini review


First look at this product I was completely filled with curiosity.
its funny how I forgot I ever owned it after that.
Alpha H is one brand I almost feel owns the patents to glycolic.
If you haven’t tried their liquid gold, you should if you’ve got problem skin and anti-aging issues.
A good substitute would be the sleek neuskin reveal and neuskin reveal more!
Stumbled across this picture while going through my gallery.
It was a soothing cleanse and it took makeup off fairly enough at the end of the day.
I’m beginning to think everyone needs a makeup remover like miscellar water first before using a cleanser because you don’t get much out of a wash on extremely makeup filled skin.
I noticed things work better for me that way.
I’ve incorporated a miscellar cleanse pre wash.

The alpha H has little particles in it which I suspect is the rice bran.
We all know how beneficial rice water is and how many vitamins it contains.
Think of this as a natural infusion of that goodness.
It has glycolic acid so it’s worth your while if you have acne prone skin.
I loved it and I’m going to buy another – after I’ve tried out like one million more face washes.
So my verdict?
I love it.
Look out for alpha H cleanse and the liquid gold in the pop up.

Love and shopping


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