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Site alert – bootea weight loss detox

I was trolling as usual when i found bootea some few months ago.
I bookmarked it but never went back.
Started piling on some weight in the wrong places and I returned to my bookmarks to find an easy way out.
Enter – bootea
This site has tea based on natural supplements –
Oolong, peppermint, fenugreek, liquorice burdock, pysllium leaves
The thing is psyllium is a laxative so this tea will make you stool a bit.
However it is in the night tea so you don’t get jumping to the loo at work.
The day tea has some caffeine which is good for fat burning and energy.
For £15 they will ship to you in nigeria and worldwide
Pay with PayPal or your credit card.
To reduce shipping costs, it may be a worthwhile idea to pool orders together.

Buy here website link
I eventually didn’t end up using it because I already have ibs (irritable bowel) which essentially means that i eat some foods or certain situations trigger diarrhoea for me. Anything that increases bowel movements will fatigue me completely.
What have you tried as regards supplements for losing weight or keeping fit?
I personally swear by my green tea and hoodia caps.
If you want to buy some, let me know.

Love and shopping


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