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Eucerin Dermopurifier cleanser/face wash Review

Eucerin is a brand we know for catering to dry skin, atopic skin quite adequately.
They launched a new range of products and these include
An antiaging line
A range for acne prone skin
A range for babies.

I got a number of stuff from escentual- eucerin products to try out.
The main one was this I’m reviewing today.
The dermopurifier

Eucerin says–
Light foaming soap free
Remove excess sebum from skin
Gently removes dirt particles and makeup
Reduces bacterial growth
Provides noticeably unblemished skin without irritation
viaibly clearer complexion
Prepares skin for ensuing skin care regimen
Can be used to accompany medical therapy.

Sodium cocoamphoacetate – alpha tenoside
Propylene glycol – organic people don’t like this.
Sodium laureth sulfate – supposed to be soap free
Citric acid
Salicylic acid – anti acne agent
Sodium chloride- good old salt
This short ingredient list is a very good thing.

Instructions as per video on website
lathering your hands with warm water, apply then massage face,rinse, clean.

What I think-
The wash came nicely packaged in a plasic bottle with a tip cap that adequately contained the product while travelling
A bottle has 200mls of product
The cap is a bright green colour, rather nice for cheering up in the mornings.
I would have preferred a clear see through bottle though to enable one monitor the product quantity.

The formula is gel and thin.
It runs easily.
A very little quantity is required to lather up your full face and I found myself using water first unlike what I do with other washes.
I don’t follow instructions.
Each time I use a wash, it becomes a mask.
5minutes and then bath.
It is quite slippery.
There’s a tendency to get this in your nose and anywhere else.
I spread excess product on my chest and decolletage- key to avoiding breakouts there.

Skin feels amazing after you wash.
Not tight
Not stripped
Just right
It takes makeup up nicely too.
You could skip miscellar water before this.
It’s that good for taking makeup off.
So gentle and effective
there little left dirt after this

The downside though is that it didn’t control my breakouts.
With salicylic acid right at the bottom of the minimal ingredient list ( a plus if you ask)
It’s likely it has 0.5% which is perfect for sensitive skin and ensures your face isn’t dried out.
It however means that for a breakout always person like me, step 2 in your regime which is toner has to be fool proof.
They however state on their website that it is designed as part of a routine.
It is not an all in one.
I did run out of my holy grail salicylic pads while testing this and ended up with 3zits and two more after that.
I love this cleanser all the same.
It isn’t often you find something that takes all your makeup and grimy face off without stringing your skin along with it.
It’s a pampering luxury wash and I recommend it for oily skin that doesn’t really deal with lots of breakouts .
If you’ve got those nitty little zits this would be perfect for you.
For combination skin as well, I don’t think you’ll go wrong.
An unexpected use for this was adding my glycolic acid bath salts to a portion of it.
It formed the most amazing union in a bottle and I’m doing good things with the result

P.s you’ll really be tempted to use this as shower gel as well.
By all means indulge like I do.
It’s absolutely soothing and I didn’t expect less from Eucerin.
In all,
I rate this a 4.5 /5
Minus half mark because I broke out and because it needs a nicer bottle.
To pre order eucerin in Nigeria, send me an email or drop a comment below.


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