D and K Freight

Hi everyone,
People who read the sites that ship to Nigeria post keep asking for Damilola’s means.
I’m going to break it down here.
The means isn’t really anything illegal but it’s just that when a lot of people start using it, we end up at the rough end of the pond.
Paypal now allows us to buy with our cards on sites that accept.
This means that you can use your card on certain websites in the uk and usa.
So long as the site will allow you ship to a different address.
Some do and some don’t.
By paypal laws you shouldn’t buy through paypal and ship to a country different from where you registered.
So checkout with your card which is linked to paypal.

In the Uk,
You can ship to D and K frieght.
You will need to open an account with them.
This is done by sending an email of your intent to them.
They will reply you with the requirements.

For a personal account,
A scanned copy of your passport data page is required with the Letter stating what you want to do.
You will fill a form with your house address and other details.
They will then process it and send you your uk address.
You can thereafter ship to them and they will send to you wherever you are.
Delivery is to their lagos office.
You will arrange pick up of your goods.

If your goods weigh less than 10kg you pay 10,000 naira.
More than 10kg attracts a handling fee of £20 and you pay for the weight of your goods in addition to that as £3.40/kg
These rates are subject to change by the firm.
They will only keep your goods for one week. No more!

To arrange pick up of your luggage/excess goods whatever you want to send to Nigeria, they can come to your house or a designated location and do so for a fee.

I hope this answers all the questions anyone may have.
If you’re looking for an agent to move your stuff from the uk to Nigeria or you want to drop your purchases they’ll sort you out adequately.
Please don’t stress them for us oh.

Reach D and K by email here – customer care – Head


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