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Laughter Lines and eye cream

So I woke up one morning in the childrens emergency and discovered I had crows feet.
Also known as laughter lines.
I just grew old overnight.
I’ve been concentrating on acne and the eye cream I used had no retinol after I finished my tube of retinol I didn’t replenish.
So there I was.
I started using avon reversalist eye cream and the crows feet practically disappeared.
The lines however remained.
Then I ditched it when life got busy.
Only to wake up and see this.
They say it makes you look intelligent and likeable ( studies to prove this available) but I don’t like it.
So I’m going in on the eye creams.
I’ve got a couple of stuff coming in so expect a number of posts on eye potions.
I know these lines are difficult to treat once they appear but this is a challenge and I’m not going down without a fight.

what causes crows feet ?
1. Sun damage
2. Aging via loss of fat,collagen and elastin
3. Dehydration
4. Drastic weight loss
5. Environmental skin damage
6.Bad creams and potions
7. Burns and scarring

what can you do about crows feet/fine lines
1.Antioxidants- food and skin.
2. Vitamin E
3. Vitamin C
5. Elastin
6. Copper
7. Synthetic peptides
8. Plant stem cells
9. Hydration -drink water
10. Avoid harsh products arounds the eyes
11. Sunscreen -start before the lines come
Use creams and wear sunglasses outdoors

Before the avon anew eye cream which was my mum’s i was constantly using nip and Fab dark circle fix for my non existent dark circles. What was that? LOL.
I tried the bioderma eye contour gel which I got as a sample but puffiness is not really my problem save on those days when I do a lot of starch.
I reviewed that in the Bioderma diaries part 1.

I’ve used
a.olay lift and firm for 40+ (dont judge me please) that review up soon.

B. Ole henricksen truth collagen serum booster

Ole is the short orange baby

C. The caudalie polyphenol range eye cream is the current boo.

After these three, I’ll think of something with peptides and copper if they don’t give me desired results.
Then I’m using some spf foundation from oriflame(fusion foundation) and got myself some total uv blocking sunglasses. Why ? Sun is the main culprit and I admit despite repeated warnings from my brother , I didn’t do the eye protection as well as I should have.
We are on this!
I’ll let you know the results.
Watch this space.
It’s a challenge.

do you have laughter lines? Do they bother you? Any other lines elsewhere on your face? What are you doing about them or not and why? I’d love to hear about this from you.


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