How to shop on amazon and ship to Nigeria

A lot of posts have been written about this topic but still it appears there’s more information people want.
Lets do it step by step.

1. Amazon is an commerce site that aggregates a lot of sellers and buyers together.
An idea similar to etsy and aliexpress which is the Chinese version.
Even you can sell on amazon.
It is like buying through a third party.

2. All sorts of things are available on amazon and there’s rarely a product worth it’s acclaim that isn’t found there.
There are a lot of sellers there.

3. Open the site in your browser. A tablet or laptop is preferable you’ll see clearer. Of course you know how to open it.LOL.

4. Search for the product you wish to buy and then click on the first result that appears. That is usually the one sold by some company but fulfilled by amazon.
These are the types I usually buy when I’m not shipping to nigeria.
They are more expensive at first view but when you check the other options, it’s cheaper because if you have up to 35dollars worth of purchase and it’s an add on item it will ship free.
Add on items are products that are too small to be sold on their own and as such are sold when bought with other goods.
A lot of cosmetics and skincare fall under this range.

5. If you are shipping to nigeria, click other options on the right side to see sellers that have the product.
You will check for those who have international shipping rates in their advert of the product.
Check where the item is shipped from.
This is very important.
Some ship from outside the usa and it will be more difficult to deal with them if something goes wrong.
When you add them to your basket you will see if it will ship to nigeria if you have one click turned on
Otherwise you’ll need to get to checkout to find out.
I’ve gotten false lashes and eyelash glue directly from amazon before about 2years ago.

6. If shipping to the usa or to the uk you pretty much can buy anything you want.
For freight forwarders-
Uk- please send me a message if you need a reliable and efficient forwarder.I will forward details and requirements to you.
For the usa
There are a good number
shippyme is operated by circuit Atlantic.
myus is an old name in the business and have been consolidating cargo for a while.
I’ve gotten two parcels via them.
Here’s today’s parcel, contains a pediatric textbook from an amazon seller
Tad a! It’s a screen shot.

7. Add your item to your cart,
Enter your choosen address and voila.
Pay with your Nigerian issued cards in dollars at the local rate or amazon standard of 168/dollar

8. Its quite easy.
Remember Amazon ships books mostly to nigeria and other small non hazardous items.
With PayPal on our tab now, things are getting ready to change for the better.

Love and shopping


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