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maybelline All in one clear and smooth powder- review

I was very excited at the prospect of this powder after seeing various pictures of masterclass events around lagos.

Very cute if you ask me

Maybelline came to Nigeria sometime last year.
They recently partnered with House of tara to make their products available at all tara outlets.
Maybelline has so many products but what’s available now is their clear and smooth all in one powder and their collosal kajal and mascara.

The clear and smooth all in one powder is designed for oily skin.
That’s assuming all of us in the tropics have oily skin.
It’s a matte finish and has spf 25 which is a high level spf and innovative thinking.
Designed to keep your face oil free for hours.
The packaging is the cutest thing ever.
You feel so girly whipping this out from your bag.

Maybelline says
Conceals flaws
Controls shine
Perfects skintone
Spf 25


I have been dying to try this powder so when I found myself at tara studio in lekki 1, I was quite overjoyed.
I proceeded to try on almost all the shades.
I dare say so because in the end I had to just go with my hunch of picking the darkest shade available.
We tried on cocoa, mocha, caramel.
It was just getting worse as we tried them some more.
A lot of red undertones in the one that may have really suited me and I’m really not that red underneath my skin.

Thats mocha

I got tired and went with mocha.
By this time my skin was overdried from using wipes to take the powders off.
(We really need to start the miscellar water culture) taking makeup off with wipes that don’t have aloe vera, camomille or other skin soothing agents is purely unfair.
This caused my skin to practically throw away everything else that was applied.
Maybe I use too many pampering products.
Anyways, I tried some house of tara foundations afterwards and they just weren’t working either.

Fastforward back to hotel and I’m trying to makeup and go out the next day.
It went on ashy and made me look pale.
I almost cried
I quickly covered it with my sleek pressed powder and forgot about it for 3weeks.

The verdict
I bring out this forgotten powder one day.
Try it on!
The coverage was flawless in the areas where it kept.
It was amazing.
I don’t know what happened.
Maybe it’s the effaclar duo as a primer
Or the benefit porefessional pro primer
But oh dear me, it’s plain amazing.
I used it alone without primer and I was like eureka!
So no more hussle for powder.
It hasn’t broken me out in three straight weeks of use.
It doesn’t really conceal as they say it will but it does a good job of the light spots.
The matte part of it works for at least 5hours.
For my skin that’s a good thing.
I don’t know about even skintone for now.
I mean, I don’t know how I will assess that with the number of things I rub everyday but if I notice any otherwise unexplained changes be sure I’ll share.
I don’t wear powder everyday to work because I rather my skin breathe but I’ve been wearing this and I love how it makes me go from frumpy plain Jane to ‘omg, I’m posh’

So excited I’ve stocked it in shop.
That means the maybelline clear and smooth all in one powder is available in calabar costs 2500.
Can’t use this goodness alone.

it works. All shades available at the popup. If it doesn’t work, I don’t stock it. Cheers maybelline Nigeria, you’ve got a convert
Collosal mascara and kajal are available too. Those reviews up in a bit.


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