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First thoughts – caudalie polyphenols range

Hey guys,
What’s cracking?

In my little corner, I’m indulging in some caudalie goodness.
Just In case you haven’t, meet the caudalie brand here and here on their website
If you follow me on instagram here you would have seen first pictures of my caudalie set the day it came and credits to the source.
I got the three products of the new range
These are the
Eye and lip cream


I’ve been using the eye cream of the lot for a week and started the serum today.
What I can say is I’m liking it.
Of course there will be a review in due course.
It takes about a month to form full opinions on most skincare products.
In that time, enjoy other posts I’ve got lined up for you and try caudalie full sizes here, gift /trial sizes here latestinbeauty

Love and shopping


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