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@Lookfantastic and @Elleuk

I had put a long post up regarding this issue but was so upset then I took it down and decided to wait for more proof of evidence.
Look fantastic started selling elle magazine in April.
I bought that issue as soon as it came out.
It came with a few gift coupon cards in it.
I then preordered may elle. It had garnier samples of hair shampoo conditioner and their BB blur cream as well as an elle uk nails Inc. Gift card.
Both came in record time and we were all fine.
They were both wrapped.

In June, my elle uk came in an envelope,it was unwrapped,  had dog ears( those things that happen wen your books raise their pages after being thumbed through and read)

First look of june elle from look fantastic just unwrapped. It had no portective plastic wrapper and the free gift was missing. The golden ticket from benefit missing. Next uk pull out missing

Wet pages, stained

Creased binding

On sending a message to look fantastic the first thing was a lot of denials. Thereafter they said once you buy elle online you don’t get any gifts attached.
Gifts only come when you buy from a vendor.
I got wondering if this was why the magazine was also stripped of everything else.
The pull outs, the golden ticket card from benefit.
Everything was removed.

May elle from look fantastic, binding not creased, the dog ears cannot be compared to the new june elle i opened.

Gifts included in the look fantastic i bought from elle in may

I bought elle uk June from a different company since look fantastic replied me saying whenever elle uk was bought online it won’t contain any free gifts. This is after I got the above gifts from look fantastic elle uk may.

Elle june uk from
Pull out, free porefessional from newsstand elle uk
Elle from newsstand uk

All I’m saying is that somehow somewhere somehow someone did something they weren’t supposed to considering my two previous issues came intact.
I spent an hour arguing this out on the phone with their customer service but we weren’t really getting anywhere.
After a number of emails,
They sent a replacement and this is what it looked like


Considering their policy,I don’t think anyone should expect the freebies to come with the magazine. Some of us buy these mags for freebies(yes!) So that’s out of the way.

I was utterly disappointed but considering they made an attempt and replaced it as is due with customer dissatisfaction issues, I have placed another order for september elle which hasn’t arrived yet.
It’s been a few months and I’m hopeful plus will surely update you on what happens with that

In nigeria,
You can get your magazines by subscribing at
magazine boutique and have it sent to you in Nigeria.
Cost on average about £70 per year. Not a bad deal at ALL
Its a subsidiary of hearst publications so essentially it’s only hearst publications you will get.
I don’t know if you’ll get your freebies but I guess yes.
I haven’t tried it out.
They sell a large number of titles.
You must be living in the uk or have a fowarding address to shop here.

Love and shopping


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