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Easter holiday haul


I’m so late with this post seeing as Easter was so long ago in April.
We were on strike ( story,story)  so I got to spend some time with my brother in Abuja.
He’s used to my shop trolling ways so he didn’t really mind.
Whenever I enter a new city or one I have lived in before I’m immediately thinking of shops to visit.
I was in Abuja over my service year at the defence headquarters medical centre and my friends and I trolled the city from end to end ( or almost did)

I got from casabella the aphogee two step protein treatment and the two minute reconstructor.
I’d been to casabella lagos previously about two weeks prior so there wasn’t much to pick up from there.
Everything cost 1370
Casabella is located at the shoprite plaza in gudu and a new one at the silverbird Galleria.
I visited both but bought this from gudu shortly before Easter Sunday lunch with a friend.
I didn’t like the 2minute reconstructor.
It didn’t give enough moisture and i think it was designed with protein infusion in mind.
My hair seems to have more of porosity issues.

I got the givenchy dalia noir from essenza at shoprite gudu as well.
It’s eau De toilette but with amazing stay power and a rich clean but girly smell.
50mls for 11900

The no more dandruff and the dark and lovely colour intensity new hair dye for African hair was from h-medix. It cost 1200naira at the old h-medix at omega centre.
Went to the new h-medix beside amigos but I didn’t find anything I liked.
No more dandruff I used for years in school and it’s a miracle product.
Moisturises and controls flyaways,  smells amazing and treats dandruff.
I use this no more dandruff or dax with Indian hemp to control my edges.

The hair dye was an intensely moisturizing product but the drip post use is discouraging.
I happened to have the dark and lovely oil milk for dry hair at home and used it as per instructions.
It dripped dye and stained my bath.
Not nice but did the job.
I just ensured I didn’t get caught in the rain while wearing the weave I dyed.
If you follow me on instagram, you’d have seen mini reviews of these products.

The neutrogena is my staple product for acne and i got it from next stores somewhere in Abuja.
Its in a new area I can’t remember the name now but I discovered next stores last year during my visit to Abuja.
I love that besides invivo this is the cheapest I’ve seen this scrub.
Abuja folks can hurry there for their pink grapefruit fix.
It cost 1250
Next has a pharmacy attached where I got sanitary towels and i spied a good number of weight control products although pricey.
Neutrogena naturals is also available there.

Last but not least is perfect trust at asg plaza opposite ascon fuel station on adetokunbo ademola.
Ultimate junkies dream.
Enough to rub … ha!
They have neutrogena, body shop, practically every skin are prpduxt worth it’s buck is available  and the staff are so much better educated than 3 years ago.
The shop is bigger and more organised too.
I got the Victoria secret such a flirt eau De parfum spray for 2000 there.

Then I visited gifty’s daughter makeup shop and sleek too
Both are in Bloomsbury plaza opposite kiss FM.
I got the sleek lighten me serum I posted about and from gifty’s daughter nyx blotters for a friend. Couldn’t go back for a Monda brush I hadn’t made my mind up at the time to buy.
The nyanya bombing happened that day.
You bet I stopped roaming around after that.

Earlier on, i had cupcakes and icecream at Chloe cupcakes but was too short for time to go in sumsum interiors. Both are in the same location, right adjacent to the wine bar on the beginning of adetokunbo right after you cross over from the big bite end.
Next time I will.

So those are my favorite and new places to troll skincare when in Abuja.
Between all these shops, I doubt you’ll want for a thing if you live in Abuja.
Hope you had as lovely an Easter as I did or better.
What did you do? 

Love and shopping


5 thoughts on “Easter holiday haul”

  1. Yes! Love alot of the products you feature on this blog, been trying to reach you, there’s a new skincare line I’d love to get your feedback on. It’s called CUE skincare line, please send your email addy and how to reach you.

    The neutrogena oil free face wash is one of my favorites


  2. Have you tried Asian skincare products, especially Japanese and Korean? They are one of the best in the world. Most are made with natural products without alcohol and generally inexpensive. Asians also have a unique way of applying skincare products, it is called the layering method, and they cleanse their face using oil and foaming cleanser, it is called double cleansing. That is why you see many of them with almost perfect skin. You can go online and read about it. I changed my skincare regimen completely to this one month ago and my skin is thanking me for it.


    1. As for the double cleansing, sometimes I do a variation of that wth miscellar water to take everything off then face cleanser. I haventthat courage to try oil cleansing yet. I don’t want to imagine what will happen.I break out easily


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