Today's Look.


Looking different today
I did my makeup myself
Quite a bit of products I used.
Gum was hurting so I am not looking bright and cherry plus I just got back from a night shift at the E.R

Dress- Sara Kelly
Earings – Avon
Purse -new look
Primer – La roche posay effaclar duo plus and rimmel stay perfect primer .
Then guerlain terracotta skin healthy glow foundation second skin effect in 02 for under eye prep and some amateur contouring
Followed by zaron Concealer
Then Mary Kay medium coverage foundation in bronze 708
Sleek pressed powder to finish

Eyes – no base except the guerlain
           Sleek I Andy pallette
            LA colours colour spark pallette
             Models own lash definer mascara

Milani pencil
Eyebrow spool from old number 7 kit.
Filled with black shadow from the la kit.

Lips zaron nudist lip gloss only.

I think I’m beginning to get the hang of this makeup thing once again.

That was my look to the wedding today.



wasn’t going for a matte look and between my effaclar duo  plus and rimmel stay perfect I was without oil all day at least that’s what it looked like by my standards.LOL

After leaving the venue for some errands.

See wedding pictures and full outfit here

Love and shopping


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