Oriflame in Nigeria, The oriflame opportunity

Exciting news for makeup and skincare lovers plus a business opportunity for you all.
Oriflame is a Swedish skincate brand I was introduced to by CosmeticSquare . I’ve been doing Avon  and recently oriflame through her for more than a  year or more and it’s been a wonderful experience.

Oriflame is a swedish brand that’s here to stay in Nigeria.
They are currently in the process of rolling  out their operations and I think you should catch in now.

Their skincare is amazing.
Much like and comparable to a lot of brands out there and for a company that’s the market leader in about 20 countries I’m not surprised.
Unfortunately I’ve missed two events held by the company to introduce themselves to Nigeria.

The first held in april for bloggers and the next one held 29th May as the grand event/opening.

Before now ,
I’ve used the following oriflame products.
The oriflame  oily skin purifying toner

The oriflame eyelash curler

The oriflame hyperstretch mascara which is growing my friends eyelashes by leaps and bounds

I’m currently using the oriflame eyelash hyperstretch serum and what conditioning for my lashes.
If you use false eyelashes you need to take care of your real ones with this nourishing serum.
It grows lashes too.. That’s what I’m using it for.

The oriflame optimals toothpaste in mint which whitens better than Colgate. I said it!
From years of using Colgate and crest, i m hooked on this and it doesn’t give that unpleasant chemical aftertaste post brushing.
I have braces on and brush so often it’s become important to use a non fussy paste.

My mum has used the bioclinic antiaging day cream and it was also a good deal for her.

I’m really excited about the possibilities here.
Now i will explain the oriflame opportunity.
You get to register if you are interested in selling the products and when you do so, you can introduce and register other people who will also become oriflame reps and your downlines.
There are commissions every step of the way
The best part is that you can grow and reap the benefits of multi level marketing on a different level.
You dictate your entry point, your goods, your growth potential.
Nobody makes laws for you.
If you just want to register for retail, you can also do so.
Everyone is welcome to join oriflame pink which is my team and you should because I’ve got a game plan to help everyone grow and maximise the best of this opportunity.

Oriflame is set up here in nigeria directly.
Your growth is monitored directly.
There are no hidden corners and no hidden rules.

This is the time to strike while the iron is hot.
Send me your details, call me, text me.
Get ready because full roll out is in a few weeks.
Best be there while we start out.
Note that these produxts will not be available in supermarkets.
It’s a direct selling company.
And you are the main source.
Get registered now for a chance to earn extra income with products that work.
Check oriflame uk and ireland for an idea of what products are available and what you’ll be selling.
Here is the oriflame nigeria site

Call 08052372750 to get a catalogue for yourself and to know more about this opportunity.
The Nigerian online catalogue is not yet available.

Email samsie10@gmail.com
You can leave a comment in the section below indicating your interest.
Join oriflamepink and lets move ourselves to the next level.
The first incentive is a free vacation next year to the uk.
What are you waiting for?  I’m on this! 

Love and shopping


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