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Efik wedding, happy married life makamba.

My friend got married yesterday and I thought to share the rich memories of the day with you all.
Efik culture is so amazing.
A lot of colour and glamour.
It feels so nice to have and enjoy something so beautiful.

Here’s a picture of the brides first look.


Considering the colonial masters of Nigeria were the English and calabar is a coastal area, the culture became heavily influenced by them.
You can see the gown and the parasol.
The difference here Being the combs on her hair and the length of the hair behind which is used to signify her position of female birth in the family.
So beautiful!


Second look was another ball gown.The gowns are called onyonyo.
She carries a staff of honour. This is after they have been joined in marriage and her husband has done all the marriage rites required including the dowry fees,  drinks and a big box full of newclothing for the bride called ekebe ndo- marriage box.


Third look features the coming of age where she’s dressed as a maiden and is flanked by ladies who are like her maids in waiting.
She is gifted new household items while her husband sits and looks on.

Her fourth look was a lose and double wrapper. Don’t have a picture of that now but will update when I do.
It was a beautiful outing.

And here’s my humble self,  makeup by asari of zaron makeup calabar.
The certified zaron mogul.



Dress fabric provided by the bride for her friends and made by chinella.
I posted these pictures on instagram first (as usual) check here for more updates instagram

Love and shopping


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