Black Jamaican castor oil


I bought this oil sometime in 2013 and I’m still struggling with the how to of it.
I’m not particularly hair savvy when it comes to oils and hair.
I just know what works for me or has been until recently and then depending on if you’ve got a medical condition i ‘ll know what to do about that.
So for products on balding, thinning and other types of hair loss I know scientific stuff.
Oils are good and castor oil everyone raves about it’s amazing hair growth properties.
I found this a bit too thick to handle.
It went greasy on and greasy out.
Only noticed it was good for steaming or deep conditioning.
It’s supposed to be used on the scalp for massages and all but I didn’t do any of that.
I’ve given it out to someone but I’m yet to send it to her.
I hope she contacts me when she’s back to her base so I can send it down.
I hear the lavender jbco is better and i’m likely giving that a try soon.

Maybe I’ll start a hair mixology career soon, who knows.
Looking for jamaican black castor oil in calabar ? Shop at skinplus, 183 parliamentary road extension.
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Love and shopping


4 thoughts on “Black Jamaican castor oil”

    1. Hello. Castor oil is very much available. Do stop by and pick kne up if you still need it. Theres clay and flaxseed and other oils too. Avocado. Grapessed. Coconut cold pressed and almond oil


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