@B-glowing issues and Nordstrom doesn't really accept Nigerian cards


So I got this marketing email two days ago.
A spring beauty bag with 125 dollars purchase on bglowing.
If you see how I ran to the site.
Spent hours checking for stuff to buy.
I picked mostly Paula’s choice products and adara virgin coconut oil.
I just couldn’t wait to lay my hands on all the goodies in the bag.
Anastasia brow gel
The by terry baume De rose
The super goop.
The heir atelier make up prep which is available on bglowing only for now.
I spent a total of 8 hours browsing the site.
I got to checkout.
I couldn’t.
Tried two different MasterCard’s for where?
Sent an email to concierge who replied that maybe funds were held up on my card.
These people probably blocked our cards.
So sad. I just hope one of us didn’t go do something funny there.
Haven’t gotten any other replies after the first maybe because its a weekend.
I went to Nordstrom and behold, two goody bags.
One philosophy and one estee Lauder

3 philosophy products, the hope in a jar , the deo, some other thing can’t remember then estee Lauder eye repair infusion.
There were 3 fabulous high end samples.
The post wasn’t about Nordstrom but well, that’s where the story ended, or almost not. it seems we are banned from almost every departmental store site in the usa. just because your I.P address is nigeria, the site automatically cancels your order.

me thinks they shouldnt even allow us pay like b-glowing has of recent times.

quite sad if you ask me.
I commented on evachen’s instagram picture today saying ‘all those products just for you’ and she replied ‘
beauty is an addiction.’

I quite agree now seeing the lengths i went to just to get stuff
Just so you know evachen Bannister is the editor in chief of lucky magazine usa and i adore her.
She’s myskincare mentor.
Im just like her *wink*
She uses a lot of skin products and zero or no makeup.

So, If you can get your purchase through, I think the spring bag is worth it.

Love and shopping

Happy Birthday to my brother Nosa Asemota. Love u muchus


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