Nip and Fab night fix review


This was my first concerted effort at using an anti-aging cream specifically designed for night.
Prior to this I was on the time -wise from mary kay line for a long time and it worked but I never used it on my face.
Interesting huh ?
Then I was more concerned about stretch marks and cellulite contrary to what it is now.

So, I got this nip and fab as part of a set, the ten years younger in a box set.
It was an amazing deal but I can’t remember the price anymore.

Now it’s known as overnight wrinkle fix

It’s essentially a retinol based cream and like all of such works best at night when the skin repairs itself from damage incurred during the day.

I used it after washing with clean and clear deep clean gel (the green minty one ) and cleaning with clearasil pads ( with salicylic acid) then applied a bit just about an hour or more after I had used benzoyl peroxide ( which you shouldn’t really use at night)
Or alone without peroxide and alternated them over subsequent nights.

Retinol is used as an acne medication so breakouts were actually a limited part of my worries when using this.

What did nip and fab promise ?
An intensive anti aging night gel that hydrates to smooth and rejuvenate skin
This super night fix leaves skin looking radiant and visibly younger
It contains
Retinol to reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Hyaluronic acid to smoothe and restore skin
Rosehip oil to replenish tired looking skin

The packaging is very nip and fab as I’ve reviewed a bit of this brand and it’s down to earth practical, you get , I get type of not fancy bottle design
I love the little pump which dispenses a small ammount of product, minimises spillage and wastage too.
I don’t like that the bottle is opaque one can’t tell just how much of it is left.
But overall, sleek bottle which handles well, packs well and keeps well.

Here’s what I noticed.
This cream worked.
Still does.
I just lost interest in using it

I had inactive lines beside my mouth and it reduced them to a minimum.
They are only obvious now when I smile enthusiastically.
I didn’t use it around my eyes because it wasn’t indicated for that.
It didn’t break me out as previously noted so it’s most likely non comedogenic and I must applaud nip and fab for the genius use of natural materials in making this little wonder.

It made my skin have a dewy well refreshed look in the mornings and I think this is one anti-aging cream well worth it’s price in gold.
A nice mild way to start off on the fight against age which I must add is more important than most of us think it is.

Anti-aging for now when young may not be all about the lines and crows feet but undoing the damage we ignorantly wrought on ourselves by not using sunscreen all these years..just because it’s going to come back and haunt us all.

And about the crows feet ?
You kind of wake up one morning and find it there and then look through your pictures and see it’s been in the offing all along.
Best to start off on a regime now..
And where else to start than with a little retinol.
I recommend this to anyone looking to start off on an anti-aging cream that won’t break the bank and gently ease you into the basics of the matter.
Pure retinol is available but a tad bit too strong to start off with.

My verdict on this product is 5/5
It does everything it says it will.
It’s natural based
It’s cheap.


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