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caudalie Divine oil -review

First smell of caudalie divine oil helped me understand why it is called divine.
I have no idea how caudalie came about divine but by the time I used it, one thing came to mind.
‘This is probably how it feels to be rich’
It is such a luxurious oil.

Caudalie is a french skincare company that thrives on the grape extract as it’s main ingredient in the products it offers

Grape oil as found in the divine oil has a high concentration of omega 6 and vitamin E to give nourishing and regenerating properties.
This dry oil has grape, hibiscus, sesame and argan oil.
What’s best? It also has polyphenoils and it’s all natural.

There’s no promise besides this statement made by caudalie about the divine oil.
This one product has attained cult beauty status and everyone in the industry raves about it.
Hence, I just had to try it and I’m full of accolades.

I got a 30ml sample bottle and I’m using it one drop per day.
Most especially for my thigh area and I also used it on my face, hair, everywhere
It’s helped with stretchmarks which I confess I don’t pay enough attention to and it smells absolutely divine..
I also noticed it faded a few spots on my hands.
Trying to imagine what the vinoperfect serum can do if the oil is this good.
I got the travel set for about £15 on escentual and I was sad the set didn’t have the beauty elixir which I’m certainly going to try out.

So far, so good.
If you want to try your hand at dry oil and if you can get this, I recommend strongly.
It also makes a good breakout free transition to the use of facial serums and facial oils.
I still can’t believe how much my face loved this oil.
I’m certainly buying this again, just to feel rich and some.



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