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venus facial scrub

Photo credit – price check

For a long time, my general trend was to buy some new skincare product whenever I was in a period of unstable breakouts.
By that I mean, new pimples that just weren’t responding to anything on my shelf.
Once in a while, one stumbles on a product that keeps the face looking humane for a while.
This scrub was one of those few products that I bought over and over again.

This was the first time I was using anything venus.
As someone who grew up in nigeria, venus= bleaching until proven otherwise.
I wonder if anyone holds the same sentiments as I did.
In 2012, they relaunched with a facial scrub, a cleanser and a toner.
Sometimes sold in a set but I bought this alone as is widely available so.

It cost me Nigerian Naira N800 cheap I would say.
Most scrubs this size come at about N1,200 and above.
First impression was how thick it was.
The little granules of apricot or walnut shell inside were so well immersed and everything was cohesive.

Watery scrub is no good unless its for body.
Then I don’t mind.
Getting scrub in your nose isn’t pleasant at all and for hitting the mark with consistency one point plus two given.
I used it almost daily as a facewash with a lot of water and then once a week as a facial scrub without going with the splash of water on the face first.
Face felt clean but not squeaky tight clean,just at a comfortable level.

It kept my skin clean, relatively free of breakouts and almost became like my cult favourite.
Yes, it doesn’t qualify as a cult beauty product in general terms but it almost did to me.
I really don’t know why I stopped buying this.
Maybe the dusty supermarket shelves or something.
So I went to repurchase it just for this review.
I found it not but good mother luck had me in lagos late January and I ran to ebeano (thanks chikey)
In all the time I used it, I never took a picture.
I wasn’t planning to share stuff like this with anyone then.

I bought all I used( about 4x) from favourite supermarket in calabar, on marian road.
They have a fair selection of skincare staples.
A lot of clean and clear products as well.
Outside of calabar, I’ve frequently seen it at shoprite and more recently at ebeano supermarket in lagos where I got it for about N700
It has green tea and some patented dermaclean essence which I think has to do with niacinamide.
Niacin has been found to aid help acne skin.
I first saw it in a Vichy product combined with salicylic acid.
There’s also soyabean oil in this.

Also seen it at garki stores in abuja.
Not sure if perfect trust abuja sells it but you can try.
It’s located along adetokunbo ademola wuse 2 somewhere beside white house that sells cards.
I’m using something else now from natio.
That review up soon.

If you have acne prone skin and you want to start out on something cheap that works,Try venus face scrub.
I doubt you’ll be disappointed if you can find it

My verdict is 5/5
Yes, it’s made in Nigeria.
Yes,It works!!



4 thoughts on “venus facial scrub”

  1. This is the best scrub I have ever used in my entire life. A friend introduced it to me in calabar around 2012, I used it until late 2013 and couldn’t find it in any super store basically cos I relocated to port Harcourt. Please I am still in search of this product and don’t know if it’s still in the market. Thank you


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