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How to get the clarisonic mia in Nigeria.

In writing this post I’m assuming you already know what the clarisonic Mia is about and desperately need one.
The mia is a smaller size of the opal and normal clarisonic.

Photo from

For newbies, its a facial robot.
That’s what they are sometimes called.
Like how we have electric toothbushes.
The clarisonic and others like it are designed to put more power into your cleansing routine.
Its a motor powered brush with detachable heads used for deep cleaning the face.
Multiple reviews abound of both its good and bad results.

I haven’t personally tried it but a beauty blogger posted a picture of it and a lot of ‘ how do I get it in nigeria questions followed’
I’m currently using the avon solutions power vibe cleanser which doesn’t use brush heads.

It is available on clarisonic website

However this site doesn’t ship to nigeria.

To get the clarisonic mia delivered to you in nigeria, this site. b-glowing ships to nigeria.
The mia costs about $125 on there.

Shipping options are available from $68 to $52 and one other option.
Delivery within 6-8 days it says …

Your parcel will be shipped by usps and will most likely arrive at your local post office but it takes a long time via usps about a month.
You’ll get a calling card to pick it up or they’ll deliver to you.

Option 2

You can also send me an email if you want DHL delivery from the US via my agent.

Option 3
or choose to buy from the UK from spacenk and have it delivered to my agent for forwarding to nigeria.
Or place a direct order through me.

Just found this site in nigeria that has the mia and i think the price is very fair. Very very fair. beauty boon



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