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River Island ships to Nigeria

A post about online businesses that ship to nigeria is way overdue but we can start here.

I noticed river island had started shipping to nigeria sometime last year.
I was web trawling and as usual checked on a few sites to see if their shipping policies towards nigeria had changed.

I found river island doing a free shipping promo and luckily I had some money.
Nigeria was available on the drop down so tada, I placed an order for a dress

and shimmer body lotion ( LOL, just had to add something for the skin yo)
Within a week, it was delivered.
I haven’t made another order since then unfortunately.
I think I’m less into the punk grunge and rock and roll thing.
However, they do have a great selection of work dresses when you take your time to do the looking.
Assessories are to die for.
Leather bags, lovely shoes.
The shoe party is worth it people.
Worth it!
The rihanna for river island limited edition pieces are out now on sale
entire rihanna for RI collection
This would be a nice time to try it out if you’ve had your eye on any of those pieces.

Sales are on almost all year so its a good place to save a few bucks.
Shipping is naturally £20 to nigeria.
There is no free shipping option.
Please don’t complain about that, we are lucky enough to be included in delivery countries.
My order was delivered by courier and I didn’t pay any customs charges on it.
I think the shipping fee takes care of some of those things when certain agents are used by the trading company.

All in all, its hurray to one more company that recognises the potential in Nigeria.

We love River Island for saying yes to us.



6 thoughts on “River Island ships to Nigeria”

  1. after reading your post i decided to order something, well (ok i might have gone a bit overboard ) from river island
    on arrival to Port harcourt i am being asked to pay an additional N8000
    was wondering if something similar happened to you


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