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shopping on aliexpress/alibaba to Nigeria.

Its quite apparent I love online shopping.
I found about a year ago and its more organised sibling a while later.
These companies have made more business in the past year than amazon and ebay together.
Not surprising considering they have a fabulous business model.

I toyed around on the site for a long time before my love for a dupe of the sydney evan love ring pushed me to make an order.
That was handled on an earlier post.

I used a zenith buxz visa dollar card at first but have subsequently used a GTB mastercard linked to a current account.
Both cards worked fine when funded. (LOL)

The site has a policy and I find that makes the vendors extremely careful with their dealings.
They take their reviews seriously and are extremely helpful with any information you require.
Money paid for goods isn’t released to the seller until you confirm receipt of the items in a good condition.
In the event that there is a problem,like your order hasn’t arrived by the estimated time, you can open a dispute.

From the pictures, I ordered a samsung tab7.0 tab case in pink which got to me within a month as have all the other orders I’ve made.
It cost me N1500 compared to the whooping N4000 here in nigeria..

The white BB bold case came in this evening,cost about $8, and made the third successful order from aliexpress this year.

I can now safely say, everyone place your orders.
Be careful and try to keep a sharp eye out for fake things though. (LOL)
Examine the pictures under the product carefully before placing an order.
Look at the sellers reviews as well.

Wish you luck.



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