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nip and fab glycolic pads review

I was so excited when I discovered glycolic acid which is naturally derived from sugar cane.
I couldn’t just wait to try out its glowing benefits.
If you want to get that glow,for acne care, and as a skin prep for lightening agents.
(Ssh, I don’t support bleaching although when there’s hyperpigmentation we are justified to dole the bleaching agents out)

Nip and Fab is a lower priced range from the makers of Rodial.( Remember kim kardashian and the dragons blood facial mask,that was Rodial)
It is a british brand.

This is what nip and fab says about their glycolic pads-
Image courtesy – asos

Exfoliating facial pads to improve skin tone
Glycolic acid to resurface skin
Hyaluronic acid to moisturise and refresh
Blue daisy to soothe and calm.

So, imagine my excitement on finding these glycolic pads on asos!
I ordered one instantly and instagramed the picture when it came.

It came in a 200ml container with a screw cap.
The packaging was typical nip and fab, professional looking but the grey colour is a bit boring.
I think the colours code for various products.
It isn’t exactly a colour that inspires happiness in the mornings.

Most facial pads come with screw caps because sometimes you have the pads marinating in the solution / preparation.
There wasn’t any extra glycolic solution in here and I think that reduced the messiness sometimes associated with such products.
The pads are soft double faced and they didn’t have any exfoliative surface.
I think that would have increased the staying power of this on my list of must-haves.
On the good side, it would be totally amazing for someone with dry and sensitive skin

So I opened them after my washing my face and boy, the disappointment.
I looked at it and went crestfallen.
It didn’t significantly wipe off extra dirt.

Pre use on unwashed face today.


It did a fairly good job for a face that was unwashed.
I didn’t wear any powder or foundation today as is most often customary with me.


When I first used it,
I was like oh no!
What is this ?
I tried day in and out to love these pads.
Then I had to give them out.
However on getting back to try them I realised something was probably wrong.
It wasn’t for my skin type.
The fact that it had all that hyaluronic acid just gave it away.
Oily skin needs moisture but these pads are THE moisture, calm boost dry sensitive acne prone skin will enjoy.

I have to be honest.
After 2weeks of using these pads day and night, I was breaking out more than usual.
I didn’t see my skin glow as expected with glycolic acid .
I wasn’t feeling my skin as clean as should have.
I often had to finish up with another brand that did the job.
Considering the pads have gone through two people in my house and is still unfinished, I may be safe to say it felt the same to them as well.

I would rate this product a 2.8 of 5.
I won’t be buying it again but if I find it as a frebbie, I’ll keep it for those days when I’ve used a mask and I just want some gentle calming.
This can’t be my go -to or holy grail cleansing pad.

If you have found any pads with glycolic acid, let us hear about it and your experiences.

There will be a review about avon glycolic /salicylic pads in a subsequent post.



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