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nip and fab glycolic pads review

I was so excited when I discovered glycolic acid which is naturally derived from sugar cane. I couldn't just wait to try out its glowing benefits. If you want to get that glow,for acne care, and as a skin prep for lightening agents. (Ssh, I don't support bleaching although when there's hyperpigmentation we are justified… Continue reading nip and fab glycolic pads review

medical, nigerian skincare, skincare

Acne treatment 1- facial cleansers/washes

So acne. Adult onset, emotional flare ups,pimples,hormonal that time of the month acne, oily skin acne , dry skin with acne, whatever you choose to call it. It is acne and it has one underlying problem. Bacteria and clogged pores. Regardless of what the intiating or aggravating problem is, the baseline is that there's bacteria… Continue reading Acne treatment 1- facial cleansers/washes


babies_and _babies

Somehow I always feel like sharing the things happening in my life.. I recently thought-what better way to do this than blog about my job too? So in the end I love fashion,I'm a doctor and sometimes I write stories if I can concentrate long enough to finish them. I'm currently doing neonatology posting ..… Continue reading babies_and _babies