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clarins gentle foaming cleanser with cottonseed oil

I bought this as part of a clarins starter set from hallmark stores, Benin-city, Edo state.
If you live in benin, hallmark is a great place where you can find amazing skin care products, amongst other things.
I never fail to visit whenever I’m in my home town.

So, back to the post.

The starter kit had a facial cleanser – this I’m reviewing
It also had the following items-

Eye and lips makeup remover
Vital light serum
Brightening exfoliating cleanser

The other items I didn’t use because I really had a lot of unused products at the time I was trying out.
I’m reviewing this because it was the first time I was using anything from the brand.
I found I had to travel to ibadan for about 2.5 weeks and I didn’t take any facial wash besides the clarins and a l’oreal scrub.
Amazingly, the deal was to get something new from any shops I’d discover in ibadan if I broke out.
My face remained free of breakouts and my acne scars faded a bit.
Maybe had to do with coconut oil and its antibacterial properties.

Clarins says –

Non drying creamy cleanser removes impurities , makeup and excess oil without drying the and respects the skins natural moisture balance.
Softening coconut extracts nourish and boost skin’s radiance.
Gentle formula neutralises the drying effects of hard water.
Rinses out easily with cool water.

The wash came in small travel size packaging with a screw cover.
Using screw covers takes some time but keeps everything spill free.

Its quite thick and if you are one of those like me who ignores the water first instruction on most facial cleansers, you won’t ignore this.
It spreads on easily and it cleanses really really clean.
There’s no minty tingle but this is perfect for those days when you really want to get the grime off without scrubbing.
Quality over quantity is this I think.
For something that was classified as gentle,it sure packs a punch.

It rinses off nicely and I didn’t have to use a toner after this.
Yes, you may think awks but you learn some things about your skin as you go along.
Over doing things may cause further breakouts.

Using this with bioderma miscellar water made my skin feel greasy.
I had to cut it out.
I tried it with clean and clear toner, It was a tad bit oily too.

I usually extend my facial wash to my bust and decolletage but this was too thick to do that.
If you are prone to breakouts over the area, its one little tip to use. Facial cleansers/washes are mild enough for the skin over your neckline and your upper back.

All in all, I enjoyed this wash and I was sad when it finished.
A full size comes at about $22 which isn’t very bad.
I don’t know the price here in nigeria.
There’s a shop that stocks clarins in silverbird galleria.
Been a while since I visited.
So that’s my honest and happy review of this cleanser which I shall give a 4.8 of 5.
Most impressed.

My blurry picture.
We shall improve.


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