dear karis..

I don’t know where to start..

At the risk of sounding like I am against national unity..
My views completely lie with the division of this country..
If I should be sued for thinking so,maybe that action will resurrect all the martyrs who have gone for the sake of this purported unified Nigeria.
What’s wrong with giving the Muslim north(as international news organisations describe it) their freedom?
What gain do we have by sticking together?
Incompatible blood types
Monochorionic twins
One sucking the other of life giving blood..
Why don’t they stay on their arid divide and kill each other..annihilate their kind until they are nothing but numbers?
Thanks to the womanly wiles of Florence lugard..we find ourselves as sparring brothers forced to live alone.
Someday the end will come..
Someday this country will be split
They cannot continue to live off us..
Sucking our gold for their impoverished selves living off the fat of the south and killing our babies in the cradle..
We cannot do anything..
Our hands are tied
The persons with whom the fate of this nation lies in these perilous times..have chosen that it is not appropriate to give us a clear cut picture of where we stand with home grown terrorism.
The aim of terror having been achieved..sad enough to say..
We all live in fear and death that seemed so far sleeps next door and wines on sumptuous meats and vegetables off our tables.
Why should we suffer in silence?
Are these the things that preceded the cold war?
Then perhaps we build a wall between each other..
Every man to his own.
They can then contend with their kith and kin to the end of education and westernisation
the north is a tumour eating into the fabric of this country..
That is my simple take..
We need to let them go..
This is dicey but remember countries exist without all we have..
They make do and live far better than Nigerians .
It is about time we started looking for definitive solutions..

She was my brothers friend
she left her brother on the morning of the 26th of August saying her last goodbye
Slowly walking towards her death..
Not an inkling perhaps that the end was near.
From the American embassy
A brief visit to the neighbours at the UN house
Her young promising life ended..
Just like that..
She never went to meet her brother at home..
She was chatting with mine some two hours before her death.
He says “I am still looking at our chats,we were laughing”
I never met her..never knew her save for frequent appearances as my brothers display picture on blackberry..
She was born in the US,of Nigerian descent from rivers state..
Schooled at ABTI
And started work at the US embassy..
I feel so sad for her parents
I cannot imagine how they feel
To find that whatever the moments they had were the last ever..
How do they come down to bury their child?
Or have her body flown to them?
I am overwhelmed with sadness
And tears run down my cheeks at the sheer wickedness of the dastardly act of bombing
questions asked without answers disturb my sleep every night since this incident..
Sometimes death is figures to you..until it hits home
This was another good Christian girl..
Gone to meet the Lord.
I couldn’t believe it
When you die you don’t wake up ever.
You don’t smile
You don’t get to say goodbyes
No hugs
No laughter
You become a cold cold lifeless object.
I said to myself she’s been injured maybe.
She will turn up..
My brother said her brother has confirmed it.
The first thing he had told me was bomb again..
Bokoharam again.
He didn’t know his friend was gone..
Dear karis,
The tears we shed without ever knowing you..
Have not gone in vain.
Your death will not pass by unnoticed
You died at the hands of selfish and wicked men.
I believe you are in heaven and you have forgiven them.
May God help us forgive your killers and pour his justice on them.
May God keep you loved and alive in the hearts of those whose lives crossed yours in your brief sojourn on earth.
Your family,the grace to bear this pain and be consoled in these trying times..
Your parents,the perfect memories of having you will help them overcome their grief.
Your mother the holy spirit soothe her painful cries.
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

dear karis rest in peace.

dear karis rest in peace.(1985-2011)


4 thoughts on “dear karis..”

  1. They say our differences make us unique but its these differences that cause heartaches and pain. Religious difference, tribal, country, class, race, sex etc they all create a divide. A time will come when all these differences will be set aside but till that happens all we have is love and understanding. The differences are supposed to make this world a nice place, a place filled with colour and diversity, not hate. Not the imposing of one’s ideals and beliefs on another.

    I am not a Nigerian but if the Northners want their freedom, its just right to grant it to them. It might help.
    The bombing was a senseless action. There was and there can never be any justification for it. My heart goes out to your brother and the family of the victim and to the whole of Nigeria. I pray that the brains behind the group should be caught and punished.

    Its up to those who know better to act better. To take the lead. Lovely post Doc.


    1. I have cried so much for someone I never met.
      In Nigeria the promise is always of “perpetrators will be brought to book”
      They are never caught..
      Police investigations ammount to nothing
      Its the south that wants out..
      And the younger ones are beginning to wake up to this fact..that we simply cannot coexist with such hatred..
      I have lived with Muslims and northerners before
      They can be nice and kind but that just depends on individuality and exposure..what understanding should there be?
      why your child has to die for no just cause?
      I don’t know what else to say…but soon..very soon..something will happen.


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