soft'sweet and vanilla scented.

You don’t know how it feels to hear someone tell you things about yourself
Positive beautiful things..
Well..that’s how the world goes round
You don’t say it..
You don’t get to hear yours
I would never have believed I’m a nice girl
Its not one of those things I say..
Like when you say
Aww..I’m so fabulous
Nah..I didn’t grow up praising myself
I grew up working hard..
Working hard to get what I wanted
Achieve my goals
Make giant steps
And have gotten to where I am
With Gods grace
So hearing that I’m soft and nice
And sweet*
If you are the one who said that to me..
You can never be forgotten
Somehow everyone remembers the hard parts of me
The part that pushes
The part that wants to get the job done fast and without mistakes
No one gets to remember how I go out of my way for them.
If you get to hear negative things about yourself all the time
You start to believe them
Here are two lessons
Somehow in life
People will want to take and never give.
You have to surround yourself with people that remember to appreciate you and promote the good things about you..
Put away friends who only criticise you..and never encourage
Because at the end of the day the same sex friends will be the one who warp your self image
Not so much of the opposite sex.
I think I do try my best when I can to remind my friends of how nice they are..
We should all strive to do that..
Human beings survive by reaffirmation.


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