fulfillment, life

vanity says the preacher.

⁠Sunday, August 16, 2009⁠

The world is a lonely place.
if you look beyond all the noise,merrymaking and glee.
beyond the faces of people who seem to have everything.
beyond their ice walls or facades.

You will see it
.a haunted look
.a cry from a soul languishing in a myriad of problems
.we all have them in our irises.
blue black,blue or brown.
i looked inside me and it made so much sense.the futility of it all.
vanity of vanity says the ecclesiastical preacher.all is vanity.
from the rising of the sun,all you put an effort to,all you work to accumulate-.vanity.
the friends you strive to do for in a bid to keep.
the love that seems far beyond reach.
i have seen this lonliness.
i have experienced it.at every point,i feel one more thing i add to myself will cause happiness to abound.
but no.it does nothing to solve it
.is it lack of someone to share with?that special someone who shares ur breaths,to whom u are most important in the world?
have u found him?pray tell me where.and how does it feel?
for after u find that person.they become a possession.sooner than one fall out,you search for more fulfilment
When will it ever be enough ?
When will we ever be satisfied ?
When will we learn?


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