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After the glam glow mud comes tarte frxxx stick.

Okay guys, when I got this in my sephora play box i was like what’s this ? What a cute little thing.So i got down to investigating it before into tried it and here’s what I found out.

1. We know tarte cosmetics. Yes we all do and  if you don’t, here you go –
2. It’s designed to be like a quick on the go cleanser mask and exfoliator in one and I daresay it’s a genius idea.

Imagine taking this on a holiday with you. You won’t need to carry a mask or a facial wash. I usually double cleanse when I’ve used makeup so this is like a second cleanser for me.

I also rub it on spots and potential breakout areas for an extra treat and I can liken this to glam glow mud. It’s almost as good.

These days I’ve been using black soap from skinplus that’s my own product. it’s worked miracles for my acne prone skin. I also tried natural handmade soaps but that’s a story for another day.

The tarte stick was a mini sample andsept it’s like a wax stick or a deo stick kind of presentation .

It goes on really well smooth and non washes off nicely with warm water and it leaves my skin not too tight, just absolutely fine. i sleep with it as a face mask and it does’nt stain the sheets or the pillow case. it is an absoulte little power on a stick.

Here’s what

I’ve kind of gotten into the habit of breaking products down into bits and trying to reconstruct them so maybe I will try this and definitely be back with feedback.
Now I’ve been wondering if u should blog about my diy (mostly ) skin formulating adventures .

Would you like to see that ?


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