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Zamoux cosmetics matte lipstick review

I must start this by saying I now love lipstick.


In life, never say never.
I was contacted by otuawan uyouko who is a distributor for zamoux cosmetics in our region, to have a look at their lipsticks.
My first impression was of a well though out brand that put a lot in deciphering what exactly was needed in a soon overcrowded market.

The swatches I did put up on instagram for skinplusng and on my personal page.

Zamoux lipstick swatches

These are the reds and a little pink.
You can see orange undertones, pink undertones and that spot of ruby woo looking one.

Zamoux lipstick nudes

The nudes so much of a choice to be made.
Eventually I was given the one I loved best to try on.
Now you will forgive me because I have not so glamourous pictures here but please girls, how many times do you do a full face just to play with lipstick ?
I put it on at work and spent the night in it.


The first wear


After eating a sandwich at church the next day


Five hours after church  making a total of ten hours wear.
Do I need to say anything else about this brands lipstick ?
It stayssss on , survives food, talking, hot drinks, cold drinks. Fried plantain and stew,
Trust me I did eat that sunday.
It doesnt overdry my lips and once it goes on, the pigment is rich enough to define your lips but not so much as to make you look plastic.
I love it and I think for N3500 this is absolutely absolutely great quality.
You bet I will be buying the ruby woo look alike soon.
I couldn’t wait to share the news of this find and I am wearing this lipstick every single day and it stays on until close of work. Now I understand how a swipe of lipstick can change your entire look.
I cant wait to get a workable red.

Contact otuawan 0703 046 0078 to buy zamoux cosmetics lipstick in nigeria and in calabar.


3 thoughts on “Zamoux cosmetics matte lipstick review”

  1. Nice…I just want to know if the lipstick is organic…and are there no side effects ..for a lipstick that stays this long?


    1. Hi my darling. Don’t think it is. But I will find out. Some organic products do last long even lipstick. You should follow organicbunny on instagram. U will be wowed


      1. Ok..thanks..Will check them out on instagram.. am trying to see if I can go organic with my make-up..though am not make-up crazy,lolz..Though I think it will be hard to find organic cosmetics in Nigeria 😦


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