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New st. Ives pink mandarin scrub review

I saw this scrub online about november. There wasnt much ado about it along with the even and bright but they just appeared.
I havent used the even and bright body wash yet although we did have it in stock in store but I have used this one

What are my thought ?
Lovely. Same old.
Brighter picture more attractive than other st.ives scrubs but I must commend their rebranding
Comes in a tube which to me is the neatest way to keep skincare products.

Product itself is a grainy – tiny grains and its like the plan IS to achieve micro dermabrasion with this one.
The product is non oily and disperses well even without water.
It controls acne well and I must say I found it very effective despite the fact that it doesnt have any acne medication and contains glycerin.
Amazing right ?
Glycerin doesnt work out well on my skin.
This is a lovely scrub and a perfect alternative for mechanical micro dermabrasion.

Love it.
But will not repurchase.
Why ?
It got in my eye and took an entire day to come out.
Just one tiny grain and I almost had a corneal ulceration.
Ive been keeping it away from my eye since then and waiting to exhaust it.


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