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Homemade henna hair mask

Hi everyone.

I decided to share my little henna miracle with you all.
It started with a palm oil experiment.
I put 5mls of palm oil in some shea butter and heated it in the microwave
Then I moved it into a pot and heated it on fire
Then I put it back in the microwave
It became quite thin.
I used this to deep condition my hair in addition to my clairol hair food.
It felt really nice .my hair was so soft but still breaking.
The next week I discovered my henna stashed somewhere
I had emptied out my naturvital henna hair mask so I was without.
I then mixed three spoons of henna into the left over mixture of palm oil and shea butter which I had heated up.
I spread this on a put on a cap then left it for an hour
After washing and conditioning with herbal essences hello hydration and keracare humecto cream conditioner the breakage stopped big time.
I went to the salon, had a blow dry if the remaining half dried hair and flat ironed the parts I left out in my hair do.
That hair didnt frizz for one week .
I just took the weave out and had a wash and breakage damage is about 5strands.
I am excited because I am so tired of the breakage right now.
This hair falling off is the hair that was relaexed by cantu relaxer.
I am desperatedly growing all that damage out.
I assure you that the relaxer was a disaster and one year on I am still fighting for my hair.
initially I had kind words to say but now I am not mincing them.

Happy weekend all.


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