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Boots botanics invigorating face scrub-shine away review


Such an extensive name.
I am yet to fully understand the need to qualify skincare products with such long names.
However, I do understand that sometimes a client needs to know exactly what they are getting up front.

The kew gardens collaborates with boots the english home grown pharmacy to introduce botanical plant extracts in a range of their products aptly christened ‘botanics’

Fresh, dewy and almost reminiscent of french skincare, the botanics line is soft and caring.
This scrub is part of the range for oily to combination skin and it comes jn a 75ml tube which is a teeny tiny quantity compared to the price at about £5.99
However, one doesnt begrudge the size as a little goes a long way.
Little grains suspended in a jelly like wash substance.
Unfortunately this had finished before I decided to post a review.
I should have taken a picture of the scrub product itself.

My thoughts
As a refresher and indulgent skincare experience this scrub delivers.
Did it reduce shine ? Maybe for a few hours.
Did it keep spots and breakouts at bay ? No.
Did it cause more breakouts ? No
Did it make my forehead glow ?
Oh yes, yes, yes.
I actually miss that effect
Many atimes I had taken a picture sans makeup and that glow was just glowing me up.
If you know what I mean.
With willow bark extract which a natural form of salicylic acid I must commend boots for staying natural with this. It makes it a milder formulation.
There is some alcohol and then some glycerin which I finger as the reason why it didnt control breakouts adequately.

This is just me.
For someone who had dry skin, this may be a tad too much.
For combination skin, perfect.
For acne prone skin I dont think so.
I am all about banishing my acne and this forms the reason why I will make the following conclusion. Because it didnt help in that pursuit so much as my holy grail scrub does.
Dont get me wrong. I love this scrub but no, I will not be using it again unless of course it is on sale and I want to glow.


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