Target beauty box august

Oh dear, beauty boxes.

I will explain

You get samples and sometimes full sized products of stuff to try out after paying a sum of money that cannot buy the individual items together. Thats a summary.
It’s like a beauty trial process
I love beauty boxes because I get to actually try out some of the stuff I want to use without investing in a full size bottle.
When I’m running out of shampoo, beauty box to the rescue. No hair mask ? Same.
No eyeliner ? I’ve never used any of the eyeliners that come with them. He hehe.  Always give them out.

So target launched their beauty box about three months ago.
I think this month september is their third box.
I ordered the box soon as I got in but I wish it was a recurrent subscription because after leaving, i couldnt get anyone to buy the september box for me on time.
Also, the target app is a mess.
A serious mess.

Back to our story.
August box came with  the following items
I had it shipped to the house where I was on vacation. Thanks  aunty nike. I love you adoringly.

1. Clairol hair food mask.. have used this and I love it. Very soft hair afterwards.
2. Cover girl lash blast mascara
3.olay active botanicals face wash 3mls
4.olay active botanicals toner
5. Fekkai hair serum with spf
6.crest 3d whitening strips upper and lower x1
7. $3 pff $15 at target on hair beauty and makeup

This box cost me $7 altogether and I dont need to emphasise how much I think my money was well spent.
Now.looking forward to when I can offer this same joy to everyone around me.
Catch ya.


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