Braids out, wash day


It wasnt a full on hair wash day like most people who are into hair.
I have tried to keep my hair regimen as simple as possible.
After the last update over a year ago I tried texturising for a long time.
I lost 6inches of hair to that experiment.
Its a long story but it started with the cantu relaxer I reviewed.

I got my hair somewhat under control, breakage had stopped  but I put braids in about 9 weeks ago.
Listen I regularly braid my hair and it has been one of the ways I achieve growth but this was epic.
I lost so much hair today.
I always take braids out dry and comb carefully as each braid comes off.
I usually take them out alone.
No thanks, no help . please
This was a lot so I had some help.
But we used hands only.

It Took a day and some to remove everything and I immediately applied this clairol hair mask pictured above. It is a wonderful mask without parabens or mineral oil.
I kept on with a conditioning cap for 5hours then washed out with ors creamy aloe shampoo and dove soap yep.
The ors has sulphate and I immediately felt the drying effect of it.

I used keracare humecto conditioner as a rinse out then applied eden body works leave in.
Lastly I smoothed a drop or two of the new lottabody setting lotion with shea and coconut oil and I am currently air drying after chopping off one extra inch to control breakage.
My hair is now completely at shoulder level. I still have curly ends from my texturising experiment with the middle relaxed and 1inch of new growth.
I didnt lose my edges or rather, they grew back and I must say I am not going to be obsessed about my hair in a while.
Thank you please.
Here’s pictures of
1. Forever 21 tangle teezer which I use to soread shampoo Into the hair and scrub my scalp.


2. Evolve shower comb
You can still see hair in it.


3. Lottabody setting lotion


I will update hair progress but please I am not going to be hair obssessed. This hair thrives well when you do not pursue it.
I really do not know what I will do next but I may want to go natural. Lmao.
Nigerian beauty skincare blogger
Okay. Bye.


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