New stock in store at @skinpluscalabar

Hello lovelies,
It’s been a long while and I have such a huge backlog of posts to go through.
This however, I have to put up.
The following items are available in stock in calabar at the shop.
Dont think calabar people are lagging behind, we aren’t. We are working hard to ensure you get almost eberything you can lust after right here.
Also remember that we have a number if free items to give out and all you need to do is stop and pick up what you want.

We’ve got in store now
. New Lottabody setting lotion with shea oil and coconut oil
.lottabody style me milk comes with a sample of the edge control gel
.shea moisture raw shea restorative conditioner
.shea moisture raw shea deep treatment masque
.eden body works leave in conditioner
.jamaican black castor oil 4oz bottle plain oil
.Jasons vitamin E oil
.pure vitamin E oil (food grade)
.himalayan pink salt (100g)
.eos lip balms
.elf makeup brushes
.wet and wild mega lipsticks
.shower detangler combs
.crotchet pins for hair
.spray bottles
.applicator tip bottles
.hair sectioning clips (butterfly clips)
.nail polish-LA girl
.Weight loss capsules
.high ptency Biotin 1000mg
.pocket mirrors and brushes
.neutrogena pink grapefruit scrub
.equate pink grapefruit scrub
.benzoyl peroxide 10% and 2.5%
Boots botankcs face cleaning toner
.bioderma miscellar water for sensitive skin
.avon naturals lotion
.orchid brightening soap
.oriflame body milk
.sleek products for skincare

Send a message on bbmpin: skinplus
Whatsapp 08036345531
Email. Sales@skinplusng.com
We accept. Paypal
You can also pay online into our diamond bank account 0053112274
We deliver everywhere in Nigeria.


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