Birchbox usa june box


I recently subscribed to birchbox usa thanks to the couponcaroline on instgram.
I love deals and I think if I were living in the usa, I would be a hot couponer by now
I hardly buy anything if there’s no deal or freebie attached.
Enough of my frugal ways, lets discuss this box.
It cost me – nothing
There was a promo on plus free shipping to destination
All I paid for was shipping from the usa by shoptomydoor.

The box theme was adventure so there’s bits that you can holiday with

1. Coola sport spf 50
Coola is an amazing brand that is made with organic botanicals. I very much believe this spf will not break me out.

2. Dr. Jart+ ceramidin cream
This dr. Jart is one of the brands I lust after repeatedly.
I am happy I get to use something from the line and whats even more it’s for dry skin. If this makes my hands look a trifle bit like I am aje butter I will be sold into the hype. However I do remember I have hemp seed oil which is packed with ceramides. Anyways, lets have some designer brand shall we ?

3. Vasanti cosmetics brighten up enzymatic face rejuvenator
You know this is a scrub from a brand I dont hear much about. Maybe me but I dont know much about this brand. I am positive however that the scrub will be worth its inclusion in the box as a bugger sized product of about 15mls. Enough for me to conclude on its usefulness.

4. Comptoir sud pacifique
Vanilla fragrance perfume 2mls.
Put this on pulse points and sat in my room. Someone came in and said hmm. Your room smells like food.
They have been eating a lot of vanilla laced cakes over here.
This means, the perfume is good. Why wouldnt it be ? Top middle and base notes are all vanilla based. A lot of alcohol though,80% ..

5. Marcelle waterproof eyeliner
I am not makeup ish.
I do hope if I havent used this in the next two months, I will find it to give away. I will try using it soon all the same just so I can see how coloured purple eyeliner in my waterline will look.
Hello, allergic eyes.

I love the thrill of discovering new brands.
I am happy with this box. Quite happy.
No complaints.
Thanks caroline!
You can check her out for amazing deals at instagram caroline
Do get yourself a usa shippong address at shoptomydoor
It cost me 2100 to ship this to my door.


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