Late post – making it with #oriflame in Nigeria. Part 1

Hey lovelies. Help!!!! Oriflame has taken over my life. In a good way though.

Last month I made manager and i am extremely  pleased with myself and God who helped me. Also tremendously grateful to everyone who trusted the vision and signed up. We are making money and the best part of it is that I am helping people who would have otherwise been hopeless.

The best part of oriflame is that with wisdom, you can start a business with nothing. All you need is a catalogue and people. Stop anyone on the road, in your church and show them, gather orders worth 8500 and Let them pay upfront like a pre-order.

Your profit will be enough to register you for 1200. Go online, get yourself registered and place the orders you collected. Register others with your catalogue. You can even start with 1200 upfront.

This is the best thing since whatever could have been your best before now. I am so happy about this opportunity and what it means for everyone who keys into it.

Of course I don’t mind giving out strategies and tips for free .. Why? I started a small business from scouring the internet. Now I have one staff and more to come in my employ. I believe I can be a success story and you can to. There is nothing to this if you believe. All you need is a few friends who  are hungry for success and a better life. Talk to a consultant today for a catalogue. I am sure someone an lend you one to start your life with. Call me.. 08036345531 I am always available for advice and to help and this is not even about getting you on my team. It is about getting you a better life to live your dreams. I will share more tips as we go along with oriflame. Be sure to subscribe to the blog. Love and shopping


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