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My little Paris box uk review September box

So late but better late than never.
I love cute dainty little things.
I could stack up itty bitties for life.

As a product lover and curator of all things girly from stationery to sewing materials, I found my little box through which beauty box she is the go to on all beauty boxes far wide and flung apart.
Such a reservoir of review knowledge.

I placed my first order as they launched and I am never going to cancel
This box ticks all my fetishes in hugs them right in place.
It has a selection of lifestyle  products and beauty too

I got nuxe multi purpose oil which I am excited to try after reviewing the caudalie divine oil.

A little beauty box highloghting pen which has the looks of something I will soon be addicted to

A lappie case.. which is too small for my huge laptop but will carry my papers adequately  well.

Laura Mercer foundation  primer which I am yet to use since I am still suffering from travel lag and my skin hasn’t picked up yet.

A little cute notebook that tells the story  of the little beauty box

Stickers that should make you want to visit  Paris and bring back all the miscellar water you could possibly  find.

So i took a photo of my box contents-  not all, on this cute mango sweater which should actually come in size xxs because, just because xs is too big and I love cardigans.


Does this post about this beauty box make you feel girly and squishy  inside?
Wait until you see October box.

Do you want to subscribe?
Let me know.

Love and shopping


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