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Ingrams the skin doctor camphor cream – review

Hello south Africa.
Today’s post is about a south African product.
I bought this cream in 2013 in Ibadan.
It was during the west African college update course and I’d run out of moisturizer on purpose.
Any reason to go trolling.
So out we went and ended up at shoprite where I bought this.
There are a few other shops we visited but that was so long ago I hadn’t even started blogging actively.
I can’t remember their names now.

So this cream has camphor in it and is sold to – treat and nourish dry and chapped skin.
There are two types, the classic and herbal.
The herbal has aloe Vera in it and comes in a green packaging
I got the classic.
There was no herbal on the shelf.

Here’s a little history

Ingram’s Camphor Cream was formulated in South Africa in 1937. Hans Rose, was a German immigrant who formulated the cream. Rose arrived at the doorstep of Ingram’s Pharmacy where he met Len Tannenbaum, pharmacist and founding member of Adcock Ingram.
Rose assured Tannenbaum that he could make anything in the cosmetic field. Tannenbaum then held out his dry, chapped hands and challenged the young Rose to find a treatment. The next morning Rose returned with a pot of glistening white cream and claimed “This cream will give you soft hands.”Tannenbaum set out promoting the product by sending complementary jars of the cream to Johannesburg Hospital.
Soon nurses were buying the cream and telling their friends about it. Rose could not keep up with the demand.
A decision was made to expand the manufacturing capacity and transfer the production to Krugerdorp, a town 50 miles from Johannesburg.Ingram’s Camphor Cream continued it’s journey to the top of the market with a formula that proves it can stand the test of time.

I love a good story
THis jar cost me 400 Nair a and i wish I’d bought more back then.

Ingredients – aqua, glycerin, stearic acid, sunflower oil, lanolin, ceteryl alcohol, potassium hydroxide, parfum, benzyl alcohol, coumarin, limolene, linalool.

It’s non greasy and moisturises well though spreading it on may be a bit difficult.
It’s better patted into skin.
I added some nip and Fab multi fix oil and the result for application was impressive.
You can add any other oils like olive or vitaminE depending on whatever needs you have.
For antiaging a bit of rosehip oil will do.

I enjoyed using this cream especially in cold Ibadan.
Apparently this is a cult product in south Africa.
It can also be used as a post sun care product.
I love it and i hope shoprite nigeria makes it a staple on their shelves as I kept looking out for it in Abuja and lagos and didn’t even find it when I went back to Ibadan earlier this year.
In the meantime, buy ingrams usa
buy south africaonline ships to Australia, Zimbabwe etc but not Nigeria.
Its also available on amazon uk

Meanwhile, when is shoprite coming to calabar? I’m really tired of shredding chicken from bones.
If you’ve tried this, I’d love to know what you thought.
What other cult products for dry skin do you know about or would love to see in nigeria?
Lets chat.


49 thoughts on “Ingrams the skin doctor camphor cream – review”

  1. thanks to this skin product. All them years I myself youse in things on my skin this’s the best I have come across.👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿up

    Liked by 1 person

  2. in dubai, i really cant think of any place to get ingrams cream in dubai but spinneys supermarket usually comes up with surprises. also check family supermarket near golden sands 12 at burdubai just around the train station burjuman … it is right behind exclusive casa


  3. I have really bad spots and pimples. ..I tried using honey,ponds flawless, protex soap, candid b.but my face just got worse..
    I am thinking of using camphor should I?


  4. I bought this product in Game Store, Kano, it is the best body cream I ever used, since them I am still looking for it but can’t find it. it is really good.


  5. my wife has used this product and its wonderful….fellow friends like it…i have a shop at makueni county ..where can i get this product in wholesale ..where is your dealer located in nairobi or kindly provide contacts..want to sell your product.thank you


  6. I’ve been having a skin pblm 4 2yrs i only 4days using this Ingrams my face is so glowing now oh am so happy


    1. Camphor is very good for skin and the camphor cream is non oily. It will actually help for acne but if you’re having active breakouts and congestion you need to use some exfoliants and one you can easily find eill be pixi glow tonic. Then you need benzoyl peroxide for bumps and upcoming breakouts.


  7. I have used it for six months now, Ingram’s senstive cream it’s very nice to the face, now why don’t you start making some thing specific for the face? it I’ll be better


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