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My Holy Grail Products for acne

So I write about various stuff but I thought it wise to share the ones I always restock and use.
The ones I can’t live without
The ones that always go in my toilet bag when on a trip.

Neutrogena pink grapefruit scrub-
It’s gel like and has 2% salicylic acid.
Considering all my acne issues I don’t leave this behind unless I’m testing something new.
Gel washes seem to be doing better for me these days.

Clearasil salicylic acid pads-
2% salicylic which I use about 2-3x weekly
Comes with exfoliating pads.
When I don’t use a pad I just dip cotton wool into the liquid.
It really kills off a breakout even deep ones.
And it works for dark marks albeit slowly.

10%benzoyl peroxide cream-
The cream I find works better than the gel and a lot of poeole have attested to same.
There’s a gel formulation and a few people have complained that it doesn’t work as well as the cream.
I’ve used various brands-
Oxy10, clearskin 10, panoxyl I used for 4+ years.
These are available at any good pharmacy, supermarket or skin care shop.
Bought this one pictured at a pharmacy at ikea mall in the u.a.e. I stopped using it and i’m now hooked on effaclar duo plus.


Just incase you expected a long list i actually keep things simple with my face as i have a combination of sensitive and oily skin.

i stopped using  toner as i found it was achieving next to nothing.Later i discovered there was a problem with the ph mix of the ingredients. it was a clean and clear toner. im on the lookout to try something else and still investigating.

Until then, i virtually swear by these products and recommend without hesitation to anyone looking to control their acne.

i’ll have another post with products that can help dry acne prone skin.

All products available at invivo beauty shipping to lagos only, sorry.
Effaclar duo plus available here

Otherwise available at the pop -up in calabar – skinplus instagram page
Sometimes at Rita’s beauty, favourite supermarket
Next stores Abuja, perfect trust Abuja, ebeano supermarket lagos, casabella Abuja at silverbird Galleria.
In Ibadan there’s a makeup shop on secetariat road that links u.I and uch at the other end.
It’s a row of shops on the right as you approach it from u.I and has all these products in store.
You can also buy at stores on same road.



5 thoughts on “My Holy Grail Products for acne”

    1. It sure does smell great. Neomedrol has neomycin and steroids. I don’t really like the long term use of that and neomycin doesn’t do anything for my acne. The steriods are for reducing the inflammation. It would work for certain types of acne. Been using benzoyl peroxide for years. It’s still the best single agent for acne


  1. Hi sam, so Effaclar duo or duo plus which should I get? I’ve read a lot of positive reviews and I think it’s time to take that bold step. I’ve stopped all major skincare and resulted to natural products ie black soap, rose water + vit. C serum, then grape seed oil. Then weekly scrub of honey, brown sugar and lemon and also turmeric and honey mask. So far, I’m seeing positive results but not so dramatic. I guess patience is a virtue.


    1. Hi dear, effaclar duo has retinol while effaclar duo plus doesn’t. I’ve used both and the effaclar duo plus is by far the better of the two. If you need any help, let me know. We’ll be stocking it in a few weeks.


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