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free delivery on sleek makeup this easter

Here’s a chance to get the new del mar limited edition sleek pallette that’s out for spring.

Sleek del mar palette

sleek makeup is offering free shipping on purchases above £30 from today until monday
Sleek ships to nigeria with about £5-£10 depending on how much you buy, it could be higher.
I’ve bought stuff on the site twice and it arrived within 2weeks.
No hassles.
You need a secure code to complete your purchase so try and get yours before you start making your order.

Thank God we get a holiday to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice anyone has ever made.
Today Jesus was crucified for all of our sins
I keep saying if we were in the old dispensation all our money would be spent on animals to atone for our sins.
Since the ultimate blood was shed we can now approach God freely and enjoy the gifts reserved for his children alone.
Think about this today and consider letting God into your life if you haven’t.
The perks are more than you can imagine.

Love and shopping


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