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Ole henricksen complexion sponge

Have you heard of the great ole?
I hope so.
When it comes to skin care, he’s the truth.
He’s got a range of products from the truth serum collagen booster which I got on sale last year but sadly didn’t make it’s way to nigeria. There’s also a line based on African red tea.
Ole has been in the skin game for years and I can dole out my cash for any of his products anytime because they are guaranteed to work.
I recently tried out the cheapest product he has to offer,a complexion sponge.
This sponge is made of natural materials with antibacterial properties to reduce bacteria on your face and store the sponge without the bugs growing on it.
It looks like a wafer and when u soak in water it fattens up.
Each sponge comes as a pair in one pack.
I’ve used it for 2weeks and my face experienced a relief from breakouts.
It begins to wear out after about a month of continuous use.
Then you can replace it.

This sponge is definitely a big dupe for  mechanical exfoliation and probably even better because it’s completely non abrasive and doesn’t strip.
I used it with dr.bronners castille soap about a week and then my neutrogena facial wash/scrub.
I’m taken.

I’ve got this sponge for sale at #1200 Nair a a pack of two.
Do holla if you’d love to try it too.

Ole henricksen complexion sponge

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