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caudalie miscellar water


So i said I was going to review another type of miscellar water.
I got this caudalie water as part of a travel set.
I was going to do a giveaway with the set but after my first failed attempt at being generous i thought to help myself to it.

It’s a little bottle with a screw cap which goes on quite tightly, no spillage.
Then the packaging is just fresh.. looks like some organic type thing but seeings as it isn’t made in the usa where
You can get the certified organic badge I don’t know.
What’s sure is that unlike the bioderma water, theres no artificial ingredients.
No parbens, sls, nothing.

I think I like that the entire caudalie brand which is built on an extract from the bark of the grape tree is all natural.
Women in times past were said to use the bark to treat their skin.
This extract is said to be 83 times more potent than vitamin c in its skincare potentials.

I used this right after washing my face with a bar of plain soap and sometimes after the neutrogena cleanser.
It took dirt off nicely didn’t leave the thin filmy feeling I experienced with bioderma and my face felt refreshed.
It does have a tendency to run off cotton wool though.
I guess that’s the miscelles doing the tricky thing.

I haven’t had any Breakouts in a week since I started using this along with the moisturiser and caudalie divine oil.
Yes, I put moisturiser on my face with oil.
That’s a story for another day.

It doesn’t say anything about acne but I felt acne wise using this and I haven’t been proven wrong so far.

My take on this miscellar water is a 5/5
Natural works….
If you want something that’s going to do the job and be so nice and mild to you while smelling of some grape vine somewhere somewhere I’ve never been to one, this is your baby.

Loved it and will repurchase.
Will also be stocking this in my pop-up so it will be available for purchase.
A full sized bottle costs about N3,500

Have you tried any miscellar water?
I’d love to hear about it.
My next try will be an american drug store brand.



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