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juice beauty blemish be gone–Review


For those who love an all natural product, here’s juice beauty to your rescue.
I bought this online.

It came via nipost registered parcels.
I paid a good $56 for postage and it was a real hassle getting my order because I think that was the first time the site shipped to nigeria.
It was mad.
I had to send emails on facebook, make threats, tweet at them, send horrible emails, (yes ,horrible)it was crazy!

This site also stocks obagi skincare,yonka, carols daughter, all sorts .
Its like a luxury skincare shop for everything beauty and cult beauty under the sun except john masters organics (hehehe)

I never risked another order after that besides, the shipping cost is way too much for my humble means.
For anyone who really needs obagi, it will be worth it.
The stuff arrived some month plus later, neatly packaged and to much of my relief.
I had also ordered
-ahava skin starter kit
-some other product I can’t remember

I got two free samples of juice beauty cc cream. That was the first CC cream to be launched.
CC means complexion correcting cream.

Juice beauty is an all natural skincare company.
Everything they make is strictly free of parabens and additives.
All products are fresh.

The juice beauty blemish be gone roller is a skincare treatment for acne and spots.

I love it because of the wonderful formulation.
One must applaud the innovation and love that went into making this product.
Its not often you get everything good squeezed up into a little bottle with a convenient roller ball applicator.
The roller ball is genius if you ask me.

Juice beauty blemish be gone Ingredients –
It has vit C, co -enzyme q10 , pure willow bark extract (salicylic acid) ,lemon juice, aloe vera juice, sugarcane extract (glycolic acid) , dandelion leaf, vegetable proteins, lemon balm leaf, sage leaf, green tea extract, algae extract, vitamin E, B5 , A, lavendula and camphor oils.

It says – powerful organic fruit acid complex with salicylic acid from willow bark unclogs pores and reduces breakouts while lightening scars.

Aloe, Fat Soluble vitamin C renew the skin for a healthy clear complexion.
All natural, no additives, no parabens.

What do I think about it?
Its packed full but works slowly.
You need to be patient to see results.
Salicylic acid isn’t particularly the magic for my skin and that’s probably one reason why it took a while to see results.
Organic products also lose viability with time as they do not contain preservatives.
That one concern is probably why a month plus being shipped in unknown temperatures may have reduced the potency of the product.

If you want something to pamper your skin and soothe it while clearing the acne spots away and providing anti-aging benefits, this is your girl.

It provided some oil control for me when used under makeup so that’s one added advantage.
Juice beauty didn’t say it was a primer but it works just fine as so.
I think for someone with combination skin, a dab of this on the T-zone may be what you need.
I found this worked better at night .. I woke up with clearer skin.

What’s my score for this ?
4.5/5 ..
Worth the money.
Worth the time saved by the applicator and its convenience
Worth the pampering
Worth the product.

Have you jumped on the organic band wagon yet ? What products have you used?
How did it work us?
Would love to hear.


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