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a thought before bed.

when the going was good.

when the going was good.

Sometimes when things go bad and stuff with love..
Is it the feeling of being in love we miss?
The feeling of having someone that excites you?
Or the fact that the person who made you feel those things is gone..
And that emotions of such a nature will lie asleep until someone comes to wake it up again?
Is it the human being you miss?
The things they brought into your life that were special or the fact that there’s no longer someone to make you feel so,giggle with and just be your inner child with?
What exactly do you miss when love leaves?
The hope that she carries away with her?
The threat of a life filled with loneliness?
The spirit of poor self esteem that creeps up on you?
The feeling of worthlessness?
What exactly makes love so love and lovely
What makes it something worth mourning about?
I secretly fear that what we miss is the feeling and not the person.
Maybe its all about the feelings
The butterflies
The excitement
The little kisses
The tingling
What exactly do we miss when love dies?


2 thoughts on “a thought before bed.”

  1. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ve loved before…of course it felt like love at the time though, so if I go back to that time I would say that it was the feeling that I missed out on something with them that gutted me. You always feel like you were the one who lost out. Definitely food of thought…nice sentimental post


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