relationship woes

play a hand

relationships- I tend to view them as a sort of contractual agreement
A sort of let’s make a team and fight the world.
Imagine how it is when there is dissent within the team.
Where one or both parties are playing hide and seek.
In a situation where its all on the table,all the cards are laid straight and everyone is free to play a hand, there really is no need to badger a guy/woman into admitting stuff.
Any man who loves a woman and wants to be with her doesn’t really expect her to expend her energy on trying to understand him and make sense of what he’s doing/up to.
That Is and honesty.
How important is it for a man to tell you he still has a thing for his ex?
Very,I would say.
How important is it to be honest and sincere with others?
Especially when you want them to play a significant role in your life?

I do not simply see any reason why a man who intends to be “serious” with a young /old lady
(They all deserve good treatment regardless of their age.).should be keeping things away.
Hiding cards.
How upset would you be to discover that someone you are about to call boyfriend has skeletons and maybe other cockroaches and ants .
Ïf you haven’t already sugared him up. sometimes the ladies are a bit swift to falling
One wave of the hand and girl down!
So anyway,you discover by some stroke of luck or divine prompting certain truths.
Things that should be laid open and laid bare.

Examples of such include-
1.marital history
3.terminal illnesses
4.communicable illnesses especially sexually communicable illnesses
5.obstructs to fertility
6.emotional availabilty
7.sexual preferences/the will we do it talk

The list could go on.
There is something about a man who tells you all of this straight up.
Thereafter you can make an informed decision.
How cool is it to have someone stay with you knowing fully well that you have witheld some kinds of information that would otherwise change or even halt the relationship if divulged.
That is probably why prenuptials exist and marriages can be dissolved based on fraud.

Do I need to explain that you need to know If you are dating someone who has been married twice?and divorced?you think we don’t have people like that in Nigeria.
Think again.maybe the ex.wife who is not fully recovered from the marriage ordeal will call you a husband snatcher.
Also be certain about this-seperated is not divorced..

How about the premium we place on having children?
Would you would marry a man who already has kids?
Some females do not find it pleasant.
Having to cater for another womans kids
That’s where “wicked stepmother” story evolves.
Has anyone thought that the wicked stepmother may just be a frustrated woman who was not allowed to bond with her husband?
Who walked into a home of kids and didn’t have nine months of pregnancy to prepare her for a new role?
Or that the children will view her as a threat regrardless of the presence or absence of their mother in this world or beyond.
How about the fact that if the children do not live with you,the man has to support them?
You could look at this in varied your house *shrug*
Outside your house,he will be running two homes.(most likely)

..likewise a woman who does same too.
I think its easier for women …he just accepts your kids..and u all live happily if the guy doesn’t decide to molest ur daughter

If you had a criminal abortion and they took everything in there away…
Would you tell a man who is proposing to you?
If you have had an ectopic pregnancy,a tube removed ,low sperm count,no sperm,poor erections,do you not think you should spill before you hook someone like a bone on the throat?
infertility is a touchy is however made a trifle bit more pleasant if two people find themselves in it without any prior knowledge on any partners side of conditions that would have otherwise affected the couples fecundity

should you inform a prospective partner if you have HIV ,hepatitis of any kind-B or C,warts-which can even be transmitted from skin..
I think these are important .
Especially where someone has been skindiving all their sexually active life
I even demand to know if you have cold sores.
Who says I want to have cold sores too?I need to loooooove you to want to share in it with you.
Some lady last year in the uk was awarded about a million pounds or some good ammount of money because her boyfriend gave her herpes.she got that money because he had initially told her he was STI free.
She also developed preinvasive cancer as a result of that.
If you are not interested,good for you.
If he doesn’t tell,ask.
Some people operate by the don’t ask,don’t tell policy.
Trust me if your partner or prospective has to fish to find,it most certainly is a painful experience.

The end of this story?there is no end.


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