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Bath and body work shea moisture lotion review.

 I have been using it up just bit by bit postponing the day of doom when it finishes. I daresay this is one moisturiser that didn't have me reaching for a natural oil to mix things up. My skin loves moisture and I don't deprive it of some. It especially loves locking moisture in. Did… Continue reading Bath and body work shea moisture lotion review.


Anatomicals hand cream. Bought this on asos last summer I think. Just finished it. I must say its a nice hand cream with almond oil which is softening and vitamin e as well. It isn't greasy and goes on pretty well enough. I would recommend this if you are in the market for something cheap that works.I got it at £2 summer sales on asos online. Regular price is £4. I also used it as body cream mixed with Avon skinsosoft plus argan oil tissue oil.